Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where are the Kohuts?

We are camped at what we consider one of the prettiest places in the world. It is a little island off the beaten path in the Florida Keys. We are right on the water and have our own private dock and campsite. The name of this magical place is Big Torch Key. Yes, that is the island we live on and yes we are still at home.

We finally got the air conditioning on the motorhome fixed on Wednesday and then had to have some work done to our wiring harness on Thursday. When they finished Thursday and started to take the coach out for a test drive the brakes failed. It failed in their yard and no damage was done. As it turns out a brake line had corroded and leaked out all of the brake fluid. It if it had not happened there, it would probably have happened the first time that we tried to make an emergency stop. If that had happened, we probably would not be sitting here telling you a pleasant story. One of the mechanics at the garage said that the air conditioning problem, probably just saved our lives. Thanks to all of you that have sent good thought and prayers our way. They are working.

Friday evening we picked up the coach with new brake lines. We are happy to report the brakes work well, the air conditioning mediocre. We started to load and make ready the coach for departure. We hope to finish this morning and get on the road this afternoon if all goes well. If all does not go well, Sunday morning. Our first stop will be Apalachicola which will take us a day and half to get to. From there it is on to Colorado, which we expect to make by next Friday.

We hope that you enjoy riding with us this summer as much as we enjoy having you. Write when you can, but please take us off your joke list as we will be picking up e-mails infrequently and do not want to over load our mailbox. And please, minimize the attachments. Our cell phone is in the coach and we normally do not carry it, so you might have to leave a message. We have an AT&T phone, so for those of you with AT&T it is a free call. We also have free nights and weekends for you others.

We hope that you all have a great summer, we think that we will.
Take care, Love

Linda, Jake and the Fat Man