Friday, June 4, 2010

On the Road Again

Well we are pretty excited about this year’s summer adventure. We decided instead of boating this summer we are going to take the motorhome and head towards Alaska. We say head towards, not to Alaska, because we do not know if we are going to get there or not. We are going to tow our Jeep Wrangler this year and plan to do some “off roading” in the Rocky Mountains to start with. You all are probably saying, “we didn’t know you were into 4 wheeling”. Well, we are not. We have never done it before, but we thought that we would give it a shot. If all goes well, we will spend the whole summer out west doing it. If it does not go well, we will then point the coach north and head up the Alaskan Highway. Either way, we should have a wonderful summer and have many stories to tell. We set the departure date for this wonderful adventure as May 30th.

The Jeep is ready and Trail Rated, we don't know if we are.

Each year we start out our summer with a tale of woe of something going wrong on the motorhome; the brakes locking up (4 times), the water leaking out of the coach (3 times), the sewer leaking (3 times) and the air conditioning failing (4 times). This year? Well we did not even get a chance to leave. In fact we still have not left. Our air conditioner failed at the end of last year and we elected to wait until spring to have it repaired. We took it in for service on May 10th and told the mechanic that there was no rush (big mistake). He let it set for over a week before even starting on it. We told him it was just a Freon leak. That turned out not to be the case and he said the compressor was leaking and shot. It took a while to order a new one and to get it replaced. That was all done last week, just in time for our planned departure. Everything tested out perfect, no leaks, perfect pressures, everything. We just had one small problem; it would not cool. After working again all week on it replacing more parts, the mechanic thinks one of the new parts he replaced is wrong. It is too small and he ordered a new one. But, it will not be here until Tuesday. So our new departure date is sometime next week, who knows when. To those of you that we said we were going to meet along the way this or next week, we are sorry, but we are not going to make it.

On the plus side we are home. We have everything ready to go, so there is no work to do. We are just relaxing and waiting. The sunsets have been beautiful and our Royal Poinsettia tree is in full bloom. It is the first time we have seen it like that as it normally blooms after we leave. If we have to be broke down, this is the best place to have it happen.
We hope that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We will get back in touch when we get on the road, hopefully this week. Our first planned stop is Apalachicola in the Florida Panhandle. We want to eat some oysters before the oil spill spoils them. Speaking of eating; Mike’s goal each summer is to not come back home over 300 pounds. This year his goal is to get down under 300 pounds before he gets back. Jake has also put on some weight, so we do have to ask, if we visit, please do not feed, Jake or the Fat Man.

Take care, Love,

Linda, Jake and the Fat Man