Sunday, June 1, 2008

All systems are go!

Linda loads the last of the supplies into the bus.

It looks like everything is ready for our scheduled departure Monday. The last repair on the motorhome was completed this week. No more leaking sewer lines to worry about. Mike has checked everything and declared it fit to travel. We are hoping for a worry free summer of travel.

We do have to make a stop in Miami Monday. Our computer battery will not take a charge; neither will the spare. We have a warranty through Best Buy for it so we will stop there and talk to the Geek Squad. If you have ever dealt with those people you realize that they are appropriately named. Customer service is not part of their vocabulary. We are hoping that batteries or charger is bad and can just be replaced. If not, the computer has to be sent out for a mother board replacement. That means three weeks without a computer and the hassle of trying to have them ship it to a store up north where we can pick it. If you don’t receive any trip updates for a while, you know that is what happened and we are computerless.

Take care, love,
Linda, Jake and the Fat Man